We produce waste handling presses for retail stores, shopping malls and waste centres to use for pressing package materials. Waste handling presses come in different hydraulic outputs: 16 tons, 35 tons, and 53 tons; labelled according to output as Packer 16, Packer 35, Packer 53.

It is possible to compact paper/cardboard and film/plastic waste. Waste is compacted in press compartment into rectangular cube that can be fitted onto pallet, with  maximum height of 1200 mm. Compacted pack weights depending on the press used either 120-300 kg (Packer 16), 300-450 kg (Packer 35), or 400-550 kg (Packer 53).

Waste handling press makes it possible to save on transport costs and on space for compacted packaging. It is also useful that waste is sorted immediately when compacting, film and paper are not compacted interspersed.