Rapla Metall LLC is an Estonian private capital based enterprise that entered into business in 2010. Our main activities are production, sales, and installation of heating equipment, and metal processing.

New trends under development are production of solid fuel burners, fuel bunkers and hydraulic waste handling presses for biofuels. Our product range includes steel boilers, accumulation containers, water boilers, solid fuel burners Bioburner, fuel bunkers and hydraulic waste handling presses.

Quality of production is guaranteed by using modern production technologies and by long-term professionality of employees.

The production of Rapla Metall LLC is currently concentrated into one production building and for effective employment of the new trends there is another construction building being renovated now.

We perform following metal processing services: cutting, forming, bending, welding, and drilling. We produce metal structures according to design drawings of a customer.

Rapla Metall LLC offers following services:

Sanitary assembly jobs – central heating systems instalment, boiler plant equipment assembly, water supply and sewerage facilities jobs in residential and production buildings.

Constructional metal structures  - customized production and instalment of metal structures, bending of metal sheets and pipes, plasma cutting of metals, welding jobs, production of details, and assembly jobs.

Electrical installation jobs – electrical wiring in residential buildings, production buildings and farms; arranging measurements.

The goal of the company is to provide a perfect solution for heating systems, to make everything – boiler, container, burner, fuel bunker, and sanitary installation – available in one place.

We give 2 year warranty to all of the equipment produced and installed by us.